Be a Part of Winterfest – Fort Lauderdale Event Sponsorship

Winterfest, Inc. operates as a non-profit organization 501C4 whose earning are entirely devoted to the production of the Parade and community outreach with events that have a charitable (Jr. Captain Program), educational (Student Art Program), and recreational (Family Fun Day) purposes. For these reasons, our team relies heavily on event sponsorships and contributions from our extensive team of partners. It is with the help of our altruistic sponsors and partners that Winterfest is able to provide the South Florida community with our world-class holiday events.

Since the team at Winterfest hosts a variety of events throughout the year, there are countless ways to lend a helping hand and truly be a part of our community. Our partnerships range from in-kind to cash sponsorships, event sponsors to turnkey showboats, and even the opportunity to host a private party for all of our sponsors and volunteers. Additionally, there are many television opportunities that are in conjunction with our various event sponsorships and partnerships.

Our partnerships range from in-kind to cash sponsorships, event sponsors to turnkey showboats, to host of a private party – many with television opportunities – for a quick view of our sponsorships – Winterfest Deck 2018 

Are you looking to participate and entertain in the parade? If so, a Turnkey Showboat might be the perfect option for you! With holiday decorations, guaranteed television time, and an experience of a lifetime, a Turnkey Showboat is sure to be the best holiday gift for your business.

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Throughout the years, Winterfest has had the honor to work alongside local and nationwide businesses to bring our great community some of the most talked about events. Browse through our various event partnerships, title sponsors, official sponsors, media partners, founding sponsors, boat parade sponsors, contributing sponsors, and more that we’ve listed below. Together, these sponsors and our dedicated organization members have made the Winterfest Celebrations a continued success.

Join in on our event partnership opportunities and be an integral part of the Winterfest family.