“Reflections Afloat”

Saturday, December 16, 2023

20 years of Hard Rockin’ this 52-year-old Holiday Tradition

CELEBRATE 20 years together of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino AND Winterfest:  Winterfest is encouraging boaters to decorate your entry reflective of one of our past 20 Parade themes – this year’s “Reflections Afloat” theme gives the opportunity to relive a blast from the past. Take a moment to review themes on the Winterfest Timeline or watch a Winterfest special from the past produced by WSVN on our YouTube channel (links on the video section of our website).

Boaters will be able to turn their vessel into a 2004 “Rock’n’Roll FantaSea” with a Rockfish Jagger – 2005 “Jewel of the Nile” decorated to look like an Egyptian Khufu ship – a 2006 “Broadway on the Waterway” and 2017 “Broadway on Parade” themed vessel could be a nod to “The Phantom of the Opera” – 2007 “Magical Movie Moments” and 2019 “Lights, Camera, Action… Movies on Parade” themes give participants the opportunity capture their favorite movie along their bow. 2010 “Dancing thru the Decades” theme gives the opportunity to put a Jukebox on the boat with guests moving to a 50s Dance routine – 2013 “Passport to Paradise” gives boaters the opportunity to showcase images of destinations around the world – 2014 “TV’s Greatest Hit” allows the creative captain to highlight a favorite television show – a blend of 2016 “Comics & Cartoons Rockin’ the Night Away” and 2022 “Neon Nightlife Under the Sea” could create a vessel with a neon ocean disco and guests dancing to the “Jellyfish Jam” from Sponge Bob Square Pants’ “Jellyfish Jam.” 2015 “Fairy Tales Afloat” can bring the magic of stories to your helm with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tea party with rabbitfish, and teapot puffer fish or give a neon heart to the Queen with a fish footman and seahorse guards. Fan of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz movie or play? Turn your boat into the Emerald City with Sea Monkeys or Flying Fish.

Boaters, with a little imagination, your entry can reflect one of our 20 themes or decorate “ol’ school” with holiday images (just no Santa).