Winterfest reserves the right to stop an entry from participating in the parade if the vessel hosts signage NOT approved by Parade Committee prior to parade day. SIGNAGE AND DECORATIONS ARE TO BE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION BY WINTERFEST. Contact the Winterfest office regarding pre-approval of Corporate Signage.*

Winterfest, Inc. Reserves the right to prevent any boat from participating in the parade that displays obscene, vulgar or offending décor including but not limited to: confederate flags, offensive gesture, anti-American sentiment, nudity, or profanity.

By signing and clicking the buttons of this application, applicant hereby acknowledges and consents to be bound by the terms and conditions of this application. The Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade is a family event which will be viewed by children and adults of all ages, races and beliefs. Applicant is hereby notified that all decorations, costumes and entertainment MUST be wholesome and suitable for viewing by minors.

*CORPORATE SIGNAGE: Winterfest, Inc. prides itself on the integrity of its relationships with its partners. As such, there are category exclusivities within the Winterfest Celebration and Parade. Winterfest reserves the right to deny corporate signage on an entry based on contractual exclusivity with our partners. Please contact Winterfest, Inc. prior to submitting your application for approval.

REMINDER: Please keep in mind that in the eyes of a child there is only ONE Santa Claus. Only ONE boat will be allowed to host a LIVE SANTA CLAUS OR SANTA IMAGE which is boat #100 – therefore, any vessel (other than the one designated by Winterfest) with a Santa Claus or person with a Santa Hat and beard or characters that resemble “a kind of Santa” (such as a Mickey Claus, Homer Clause, etc.) will NOT be permitted to participate in the parade WITHOUT written consent by parade officials. PLEASE NOTE: Winterfest, Inc. could request you to not participate the night of the parade if you are not pre-approved to host a “Santa or Claus-type Image.” Winterfest Inc. makes no inspection for misappropriation or infringement of third party trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, rights to names, likeness or characters or other intellectual property rights (“IP Rights”).