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If you'd like to use a modified Name for Television, enter it below. For example, if you are promoting a company or non-profit or you'd like to use the signage on your vessel.
Who are you appointing as your contact regarding Television Commentary?
Write two or three lines about your entry to be used as Commentary. For example, tell us why you entered the Parade. If your entry is connected with a business or non-profit, include the name.
How did your vessel get her name?
Tell us all about your DECORATING PLANS and how the design relates to the Parade’s theme “Reflections Afloat” or Holidays. (Please be specific – tell us how you pick your theme, props, costumes, type of music. Do you have performers? Who will decorate and when?)
How many times, including this year, has your boat appeared in this Parade?
If you have been in the Parade before, what is your favorite Parade Memory?
REMINDER: There is ONLY ONE SANTA CLAUS! NO Santas on your boat! Only one boat will be allowed to host a live Santa Claus which is boat #100 - therefore, any vessel (other than the one designated by Winterfest) with a live Santa Claus or person with a Santa Hat and beard will NOT be permitted to participate in the parade.
REMINDER: This is a FAMILY ORIENTED EVENT. The Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade is a family oriented event which will be viewed by children and adults of all ages. Applicant is hereby notified that all decorations and entertainment must be wholesome and suitable for viewing by minors. Winterfest, Inc. Reserves the right to prevent any boat from participating in the parade that displays obscene decorations, nudity or profanity.

Would you like a “star” on our vessel? Every year Winterfest is approached by celebrities, dignitaries and entertainers to be a part of the parade. Please let us know if you would like an opportunity to host a dignitary, entertainer or animated character during our parade.


Did your insurance change since you submitted your application? If yes – submit your Proof of Liability Insurance.

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